Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Ligament Discovered in Human Knee...No Biggie

Fascinating news out of Belgium...researchers have located and identified the existence of a new ligament within the knee.  The ALL or Anterolateral Ligament (seen here).  So why is this so interesting?  A phenomenon that many of us have experienced are those athletes who have trouble with stability AFTER successful ACL reconstruction.  The ligament is repaired, strength is full and equal bilaterally, and yet,  some athletes still experience occasions when their knee will "give way", or as we know it in our field,  the Pivot Shift. 

                                                                      Classic example of Pivot Shift Test

This issue of chronic, unpredictable knee instability presents numerous problems for those injured, and those responsible for rehabilitating them.  The identification of this ligament could potentially pave the way in terms of surgical techniques, rehabilitation, etc.  Very interesting stuff...I'm both baffled and impressed that a ligament has been "discovered" in 2013.    Kudos.