Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Saved by the...suit?

I've been watching a lot of Winter Olympic sports on TV lately...can't get enough.  Maybe it's because  it's winter, but mostly I think it's simply because I love the sports.  One segment caught my eye because I couldn't quite believe it...but I found it fascinating.  A company named Dainese has engineered a skiing suit which inflates if/when a skier crashes.  Check out the article here. 
You can read the article itself...pretty cool stuff.  I'm sure engineers had a difficult time designing this, especially when they had to deal with forces exerted when a skier goes airborne.  I did a little digging, and found the company website, which posts a few mini-infographics (be sure to scroll down the page a bit) of a similar (but not exact?) design for motorsports.  Cool stuff.
Here is video of actual inflation:

Turns out, this company has worked with motorsports, but has been branching out.  

Upon further review, check it out this video...I know, it's not english, but body language is body language. 
At any rate, just some really interesting technology that might someday play a role in other sports...and increase safety.    Hope you enjoy!