Sunday, July 10, 2011

On bicycling

Yeah, I've got it.  Tour de France fever.  This sport is under a lot of scrutiny, but you can't deny both the physical and mental toughness of these endurance athletes.  Check out this video of today's crash caused by a media car, sending 2 riders to the ground, one of them into a barbed wire fence. Amazingly, both riders finished the stage.  Astounding.

On another note, I just watched a very interesting documentary on the sport, Hell on Wheels.  Yeah, I know it's old, from way back in 2005, but it's good.  I especially liked how it displayed many of the "behind the scenes" aspects of the sport itself; all of the prep work and support staff, from the medical team to mechanics.  You can purchase it off Amazon, or it's currently running for free if you have Netflix.  It truly makes you appreciate the hard work these athletes put in, and just how demanding the sport is on their bodies..  Best quote from one of the sore and fatigued riders "I should have taken up surfing."  After watching this documentary, you'll likely agree. 

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