Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Proper Bicycle Fitting

Fresh off a great trip to the Dominican Republic, I was greeted by my wife who is in the midst of training for the Timberman Ironman 70.3 in a few weeks.  My welcome back included a reluctant trip to the local bike shop, where she has been mulling switching from her Specialized road bike to a true tri-bike.  What an interesting trip it turned out to be. The staff at Gorham Bike & Ski, specifically Kyle and Greg, introduced us to some cool technology I didn't even know existed.

Renee was fitted  for her prospective tri-bike with a new technology called  Body Scanning.  It utilizes laser measurements combined with software to fit for each unique rider and body type.  What was really interesting to me was that it also took into account her style of riding for a highly individualized fitting recommendation.  A computer graphic is then generated with ideal measurements such as saddle height, aerobar placement, etc.  Greg then set up a bike for her and she took it for a spin.  After a couple of quick adjustments, she went off for a longer ride.    Switching from regular handlebars to an aero-bar promises improved

speed and faster times, but has to be carefully fitted to insure protection against nagging injuries which can occur while spending 2-3 hours in the saddle.  Even for shorter distances, relatively small adjustments to handlebar angle can drastically change both upper and lower extremity numbness/tingling which can occur.  She said it felt great, and likely my bank account will be taking a hit soon. So if you are a bicyclist, regardless of your fitness level, I recommend finding a dealer in your area which has this system. Who knows, maybe it will help turn riding into a pleasurable experience for you again.  It is quick, easy, and often free!

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