Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NFL Unveils Cool Timeline

I was reading one of my favorite sites here, and came across an interesting link to the NFL which is a fun interactive historical timeline of "Health & Safety" in the NFL.  Of particular interest to me was the evolution of the football helmet and pads.  It has always fascinated me.  Check it out at 
You can either click on the faux football field on the bottom of the screen and jump around, or in a more fun way, simply move your cursor to the right of your screen and it seamlessly scrolls laterally.  If you click on the red dots near each topic, it will take you to videos, screen shots and narratives which more fully explain.  Nice touch.

While many fans banter about the changes of the game, it's very interesting to see the simultaneous timeline of the evolution of playing surfaces and in particular, penalties.   It certainly puts into perspective the safety aspect of the game.  Check it out!

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