Friday, November 9, 2012

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Fantastic whirlwind of a weekend that began at the Annual Fall meeting Friday for the Maine Athletic Trainers' Association (MATA).  We were treated to an unorthodox topic, which was well provided by NATA Hall of Famer Marjorie King. 

Her presentation was essentially a primer on how to maintain life balance.  I found it interesting; we even meditated for 15 minutes or so.  And, I was relaxed afterwards.  I felt clearer.  To be honest, I never would have done that had I not been forced to.   She challenged us if we were truly relaxing regularly, recommended several books I hadn't heard of, but sound interesting, and introduced us (ok, maybe just me) to the Chinese Clock.  Very informative, and incredibly enlightening.  An unorthodox topic from an ATC...and one that was well heeded.  

Then it was off the Maine Athletic Training Student Symposium in Presque Isle, Maine.  Each year, one of the four ATEP's in the state host a symposium for all students.  For our students, it's a chance to experience something different in a relatively relaxed format.  For us educators, it's a chance to catch up and visit.  It's always fun.   If you haven't seen UMPI yet, you should.  It's slogan, "North of Ordinary", is quite accurate and fitting.  And I LOVE it.  The faculty and students were fantastic hosts, and put on a great program.  Bruce Hamilton Dick, MD presented on a variety of topics.  I have to say, natural teacher and orator.  Very well presented, and he consistently incorporated and challenged students during his lectures.  His topics ranged from Hip Arthroscopy and Athletic Pubalgia (phenomenal anatomy review), to the Female Athlete Triad and Asthma.  Great, great stuff.  His time was much appreciated by all.  I only wish all of our students could have attended!

Trying something a bit different; lots of smaller newsworthy (I think) items...

In a very interesting move, the Australian Football League (AFL) will require their sports trainers and medical staff to wear neutral colors next year during games.  Is this a step towards separating medical staff from the team?  Would this catch on over here?  Hmmmmmmm.  The short article actually gives a brief history of clothing worn by sports trainers in the sport throughout the years.  Before you get mad at me for calling them "sports trainers", that is what they refer to themselves in Australia.    Very rare and scary injury; football player tears vena cava on field and survives.  A bit more information on spontaneous vena cava tear here...Let's wish him luck.  Been meaning to share this for awhile, but here is a great video and article on how universities are looking at concussions and head injuries.  A must watch is information on the  system  which starts around the 1:30 mark.   A fascinating look at utilizing technology and real time data to assess athletes.  Think an MRI is always the best way to diagnose?  Maybe not.

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