Tuesday, April 3, 2012

History of Ironman...from a medical perspective.

I teach an online course each summer called The History of Athletic Training,  The premise behind it is that in order to better appreciate the present, we need to examine the past. It's easy to look at today and complain where we are at, but if you look a bit closer, and  further back, even a few decades, you can see we've come quite far in a number of areas.  In addition, it's nearing the start of triathlon season (yes!).  With those thoughts in mind, I devoured this article posted online a few weeks ago.

Check it out:  http://triathlon.competitor.com/2012/03/training/from-the-inside-triathlon-archives-iron-docs_49285

Some prevailing thoughts at the time (keep in mind this was the 80's):
1.   Glycogen runs out
2.   Electrolyte levels didn't change
Boy, has that changed over the years!

Triathletes have always fascinated me; the sacrifice of training in three separate disciplines certainly requires diligence and a level of self experimentation that is intriguing.  At any rate, if you are interested in working at one of these events, this article is a must read. 

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