Thursday, April 26, 2012

Concussion Management

Watching the exciting UEFA semi-finals, I was struck by a concussion and it's management during the game.
Check out the video here first:

It should also be noted that after a quick evaluation he was allowed back on the pitch and, eventually, several minutes later, subbed off.  Watching this left me with some questions.
1.  Does UEFA have specific rules regarding this?  For instance, if this were the NHL/NFL, etc., he would be out of the game immediately, right? Why isn't unconsciousness grounds for immediate removal from game play? Perhaps the rules are different?  Lastly, how does this align with the Zurich Protocol?
Of course, I had the benefit of TV and countless replays, while this medical staff was in a pivotal moment at a crucial match.  I would never question the decision made, as I was not present personally, but as a teacher, I have to understand to better explain why some injuries are managed differently from our position statements to the clinical world.  

Looking further into this, I found an interesting blog which seems to be neat resource for all things concussion.  You can check it out at

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