Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fitting your shoes online? No Way!

Runners World has a new online tool which  fascinates me.  Not that I think it's a great idea to substitute a visit to your local running store and be fitted by an actual expert, but the idea is intriguing.  Check it out here and try it for yourself.  If you know your foot type well, it can indeed be very useful.  For the beginner, I would recommend seeing a specialist prior to solely relying on this tool.  The main upside is it can be a nice tool to educate your athletes with, and get them invested in the notion of being in the right shoe.

To learn more about terms and conditions prevalent to runners, check out this link.

When I input my own data, the shoes varied a bit.  I currently run in a pair of Brooks (pictured above) which I love, but the recommendations were primarily Adidas, which tend not to fit me well at all as they run narrow on my feet.  The fact that they recommend shoe types which won't necessarily account for how a specific brand fits speaks to the tools limitations.  But, it's fun to play with.  Enjoy.

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