Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Shoulder Pads Allow Easier Access for ATC's.

Back in June, Riddell unveiled a new product called the RipKord (TM) Shoulder Pad Release System. This year, the Chicago Bears will be the first NFL team to use them.  A common difficulty for ATC's is that we practice helmet and facemask removal constantly, but removal of the shoulder pads usually presents a significant problem:  How do we remove them while also trying to simultaneously remove shoulder pads AND limit cervical spine motion?  Beyond that, any significant torso injury needs to be accessed while trying to minimize athlete movement.  This is an interesting twist on the old design.  Below is a great video which depicts how the pads are removed utilizing the new system..

Similar to other shoulder pad removal systems, it begins much the same with removal of straps under the arms, around the torso, as well as the chest string.  The beauty of this design is that you then pull the "rip chord", the pads are then slid down the torso to each side, and then pulled away from the body.  A stroke of genius.    Let's hope this catches on, as it will make emergency management much more fluid. 

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