Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Athletic Trainer on the Mountain

Back when I was in graduate school (was that really 10 years ago?), I completed a project for an Administration course in which I mock "proposed" a fictional ski resort hire an athletic trainer.  My reasoning?  Concussions and Rehabilitation. Back in 2000, the only options a resort-goer may have is basic first aid, or a trip to a hospital.  Why not increase the standard of care on-site I say?! During the proposal, the question was posed if ski patrol should be threatened by the addition of another healthcare provider.  My response: absolutely not.  The ATC could have space near or in the base lodge; ski patrol could bring a skiier/boarder to them, or perhaps they may  have simple walk in visits.  And whom better to evaluate a concussion "in the field" or "on the slopes" than an ATC?  They could then make a referral and begin a well informed, injury management decision.  It seems to me that this would be a welcomed addition of services. 

Today's article in USA Today has brought all of this back to me.  I haven't been able to watch the documentary (apparently it will be on HBO later on), but here are a a few related clips which may help.

In fact, this idea might fit in quite nicely with the progression of interprofessional education and healthcare delivery.  

If you're interested in some good concussion stuff, check out the Head Games trailer here (the full movie is available if you have Netflix).


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  2. Hey Ben, I really like your idea about having an Athletic Trainer at a ski resort. I am currently an Athletic Trainer at an industrial site in Minnesota. I am planning on pitching my idea to a few of the ski resorts around here. I hope that we can collaborate ideas and I would love to hear your since you have a vast amount of athletic training experience. If you could give me some of your ideas from your project that would be awesome. Hope to hear from you and hopefully stay in touch. It is always good to keep like minded people around. Thanks

    Justin Young ATC,LAT