Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Urinalysis via Smartphone?

Wow.  No other way to describe it.  While reading BBC online via my app this a.m., I came across this little treat:

A couple of items which struck a chord with me:
1.  The term "consumer based health care".  I love this, and have been using it for years in my classes.  Be a savvy consumer; shop around, and collect information.  Never a bad thing at all.
2.  While the app won't be available until the end of March, and they discuss using it in developing countries, I think this could be incredibly useful in our country

Random Sidebar:  I love TED conferences.  Great info, and possibly the second most used app I use, behind Netflix of course.  If you haven't explored TED Talks yet, check them out here.  A good buddy of mine turned me onto them. 
While it's early yet, and nothing is completely substantiated, this could have a huge impact on urinalysis in the AT setting. Essentially, this has the potential to take our urinalysis test strips to the next level.   I surmise that most ATC's now own a smartphone (I could be wrong here, but it seems that way to me).  How easy would it be to download this app (at a marginal cost, mind you), and run the test strips!  This could make the referral and management process much smoother and more efficient.  

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  1. I've been introduced to TED talks in my sports psych class this semester. Here's a neat one if you haven't seen it.