Monday, February 25, 2013

Back from a Looooooong Break

It's good to be back, both literally and figuratively; I just returned from Sochi, Russia working with our US Bobsled and Skeleton teams, and it was a tremendous experience, as always. Great to see the USBSF family.  To learn more about Bobsled & Skeleton, check out:   

A couple of quick hits to start the week:
This link comes via Kyle Gilson, Head Athletic Trainer at MCI.  Really interesting audio about the "Brain Bang Theory".  Check it out here, and weigh in!

Did you hear about the cut achilles tendon in the NHL?  Well, here's something I never knew existed...a sock designed to prevent such an injury from occurring.   Insight on that located here  and even more here.

Have a great Monday!

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